Collagen powders

Should you take collagen powder ?

For me it’s a no brainer ( for women over 50)

Firstly what is collagen, it is the major protein for the body. Not only is it for our hair, skin and nails. It holds together our bones, tendons, blood vessels and teeth.

We produce our own collagen, but as we age this process slows down. Some of the first signs of slowing collagen are wrinkles on our face, sore joints, hair and nail breakage and muscle weakness.

The easiest way to ensure your body gets plenty of collagen is to eat red meat or bone broth. If you don’t like meat you can also get it in eggs, citrus fruit, berries and garlic. Our diets may not give us our daily requirements, so I advise my clients to buy a hydrolyzed powder that is easily absorbed in the body. Adding a source of Vitamin C such as berries to a smoothie will help to synthesis the collagen.

Nutritionists believe that collagen will help to repair a leaky gut. When taken as a bone broth, many other amino acids work to heal such as glutathione. 

I can tell you that taking a collagen powder will help decrease those small lines more than putting an expensive creme on your face.