Fermenting Foods

Fermenting foods is for many reasons it converts carbohydrates into organic compounds such as bacteria, yeast or fungi. It was used to preserve food naturally for longer shelf life examples of this are cheeses, pickled vegetables and wine. Foods that are fermented increase micronutrients and beneficial bacteria such as lactobacilli. Phytic acids found in seeds and nuts are broken down for easier digestion. These are easy processes that you can do at home instead of paying unaffordable prices at chemists and health food shops.
In my classes you will learn the art of fermenting, making such things as

  • Kombucha, fermented tea with a sweet fizzy flavour
  • Sauerkraut, cabbage made into a delicious accompaniment to add to your salads and meals
  • Kefir a lightly carbonated yogurt drink. Add to your smoothies or use instead of cream and milk



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